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bombshellwax.com reviews


4.9 based on 145 Reviews

Bombshell Wax manufactures hard and soft waxes formulated to deliver reliable and consistent results since 2005. Our wax formulations include the finest ingredients and essential oils. Safe for a variety of skin types and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Removes all hair types and hair lengths. Reliable to be used on the face, body and below the belt.

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thecaremd.com reviews


4.7 based on 142 Reviews

Welcome To The CareMD. A telemedicine company that provides simple and helpful way for our patients to engage with their medical care providers distantly from the solace of their homes. We are focused on broadening the choice of permitting our patients assume responsibility for their health through virtual means of medical care. Our team is involved comprised of compassionate medical services providers, IT specialists, and Engineers. Together we structure a group that presents to you a total medical care services that is convenient and affordable.

If you need Fast and Efficient Care for Common Medical Conditons you have come to the Right Place.

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Yukonfitness.com reviews


4.8 based on 139 Reviews

Yukon Fitness was founded in 1992 with the goal to provide the home fitness user with a high quality product at a reasonable price.  30 years later we still offer the best value in the home fitness industry.  We are a small family run company that instills family values into our approach to sales and customer service.  We value every customer and will take the time to answer any questions you have about our equipment or working out at home.  Thank you for your interest in our premium line of fitness equipment.  We look forward to serving you in your quest for physical perfection.

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QuantumStones.com reviews


4.8 based on 113 Reviews

At Quantum Stones, our vision is simple and we believe that knowledge is the beginning of true empowerment and fostering the mind/body/spirit connection. Our primary intention is to make this potentially life-transforming quantum stone technology and collaborating meditations available to anyone who seeks to:

  • Recognize their true potential as a co-creator of their own reality.
  • Discover a higher state of wellbeing and consciousness.
  • Clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting their vital force.
  • Promote Ayurvedic harmony and balance.
  • Raise their frequency and vibrations.
  • Achieve self-actualization in inner universal clarity.
  • Experience their full potential as collective beings in the universe.

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smylen.com reviews


5.0 based on 102 Reviews

Smylen is the best source to find affordable, low cost dental care from top quality dentists in your neighborhood. 

We offer all of the most popular dental treatments including checkups & cleanings, crowns, dentures, extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, fillings, dental implants, root canals, whitenings, veneers, bone grafts, and more. 

All Smylen dentists are hand picked and full vetted, making sure you only have the absolute best dental experience.

Join thousands of other patients who saved big on their dental bills with Smylen.

Spend less, smile more.   Save up to 60% today at www.Smylen.com.

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beyond-balance.net reviews


5.0 based on 101 Reviews

Welcome to Beyond Balance! Founded in 2019. Beyond Balance manufactures fitness and Schroth Method physical therapy equipment; based primarily on gymnastic and calisthenics (body weight) training: stall bars, parallettes, and hand balancing equipment. Our affordable products, like the exercises and drills they are used for, are simple and allow the athlete or patient to focus on their conditioning instead of learning how to use and maintain complicated and expensive equipment.

Customer service is priority 1 from initial inquiries through installation and use. All orders include free domestic shipping and typically ship within 24 hours of order. Contact us 24/7 with any questions.

ECO friendly; we strive to use renewable and recycled materials. In addition, for every order placed we plant a tree with The National Forest Foundation!

At Beyond Balance we believe in keeping it simple and fun: Turn your training from work to play!

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Rhinoskinsolutions.com reviews


4.9 based on 98 Reviews

Rhino creates topical performance and recovery solutions for skin, muscles and joints.

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ContourMD.com reviews


4.5 based on 83 Reviews

ContourMD has more than 40 years of experience in the medical industry, designing and selling post-surgical compression garments. We have effectively helped and catered to the recovery of patients during their surgical procedures, and the management of chronic medical conditions. ContourMD® is the leading and premier source for compression garments. Our surgical garments are trusted by numerous surgeons, physicians, medical professionals, and patients across the country. We are highly known for exceeding expectations and understanding both compression technology and the recovery process.

ContourMD is proud to offer high-quality medical-grade compression garments with insightful features to achieve optimal results in less time during the surgical recovery process, while also reducing unwanted side effects and risks. The compression garments at ContourMD fit every defined curve and subtle contour of the body, giving patients complete comfort and relaxation after surgery.

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